Horses have been used in physical therapy since the 50s and this unique bond has proved successful in psychological therapies .

They are used to help with a variety of mental health issues : Addiction, Anger, Anxiety Disorders, Autism, Behavioural Disorders, Eating Disorders, Trauma, Low Self Esteem .

This therapy  is becoming increasing popular in the UK  and has been used and supported in the USA with a growing evidence base to support it use. 

Horses are beneficial in the followings ways:

  • Horses have the advantage of there size which can be intimidating  for some people  and this presents a challenge before they start therapy i.e. overcoming fear. Combatting this issue can be increasingly liberating and boost confidence . Accomplishing tasks and gaining trust of these animals can only reinforce these feelings of empowerment
  • Horses  are herd animals and their natural desire to lead or be lead makes them social and inclined to want to form relationships making them ideal in therapy
  • Horses mirror behaviour, they are prey animals and therefore read body language and respond instantly.That means that horses can read our body language and give us feedback by their reaction
  • Horses all have their unique personality  which make them individual  and more fun to work with  and bond with.

The use of animals within therapy can be traced back thousands of years to the ancient Greeks .

Their ability to read human emotion and   provide a non judgemental, honest relationship is perhaps why man has developed a close bond with these animals . They do not have a hidden agenda and they provide tangible and immediate feedback on our own emotional state and body language.

Why Horses