Getting Help 


Equine therapy is suitable for  all age groups and people suffering from or experiencing any of the following :

Abuse -emotional, physical or sexual . Anger . Anxiety -Generalised, Panic disorder or Phobia 

Bullying. Depression . Eating Disorder - Binge Eating,Bulimia  (All clients with eating Disorders need to have a BMI over 19 and have the medical approval of their GP to engage in this therapy)

Low self Esteem . Low Self Confidence . Post Traumatic Stress Disorder . Interpersonal Relationship Difficulties. Stress and Trauma.

Self Referring To Therapy

 PRE Therapy. Prior to therapy you can contact or email Christina@equinefacilitatedtherapies.co.uk regarding any questions you may have and if you feel you would like to proceed then an assessment can be scheduled. 

AN  ASSESSMENT: An assessment will be carried out   to assess your symptoms and suitability for Equine Facilitated Therapy. You will be asked to complete a consent form and this will ensure that you are aware of confidentially, safe practice and have clear expectations of your treatment . You will be encouraged to think about your treatment goals  . 

The assessment will take approximately one hour and can be conducted over the phone or on a face to face meeting .The assessment costs £60  and will entail a written account of your symptoms and a completion of psychometric assessment tools which will help assess the severity of your symptoms and  treatment recommendations  .

TREATMENT: Treatment session will be costed at £50 per sessions. Sessions will be hourly, however when doing work with the horse the session will be extended  to ensure that practical skills can be completed and time is available to reflect on learning and change. There is no additional charge for extended sessions .


Prior to therapy, safety equipment and safe handling of the horses will be introduced .

Please wear suitable clothing as you will be working outdoor and appropriate flat foot wear that supports your ankle and protects your feet . Safety hats can be provided .