Equine Therapy offers an alternative to conventional therapy types and is suitable for people  who have found it difficult or uncomfortable to engage in one to one therapy within a clinical setting .


Equine Facilitated Therapy is not learning to ride a horse, it is about learning to manage our symptoms with the aid of the horse. Horses can't lie, they can not separate how they feel from how they act . They present an honest image of how they perceive us which allows us to gain an accurate reflection of our own emotional state . 


As a BABCP Accredited  Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist my aim is to  provide evidence based psychotherapeutic treatments  and with the use of horses to establish real time practical skills within the therapy sessions.There is growing evidence that Equine therapy is particularly beneficial to young people and people who suffer from anxiety states, emotional states,trauma or people who lack confidence and self esteem .


Based in the outskirts of West Lothian /South Lanarkshire, this facility provides a peaceful hamlet to engage in therapeutic work. Once the therapy session steps outside the traditional four walls of the psychotherapy clinic to the wide expanse of the outdoors, the very act of therapy undergoes a delicate shift that is hard to define yet has far outreaching positive effects.    

      A Client working with therapy : Mac


Christina Benei Equine Facilitated Therapy

 Christina & Therapy Horse  ; Shylock

  The Equestrian Arena @ Tarbrax